Fitting Services

The White Room offer a 'finishing service' to all of our brides who purchase a gown with us for their wedding day. This should be seen as an additional service in addition to your gown which you may wish to use The White Room for this. Fitting a gown is an essential part to the gown process, nearly every gown will need fitting to a body and we ask that you allow time for this practical and intricate part of the process. You may require in excess of 2 fittings and we ask that you work this demand in to your working calendar and time scale for your wedding. 

Alterations are all done on a bride by bride basis, however once you have shoes, underwear and are around 8 weeks away from the big day, we will ask you to come and see one of our seamstress where we will do all the main pinning to your dress that you may require. We offer fittings on Thursday's up to 8pm and during the week. Please do note that we can not offer fittings on Saturdays. 

Made to Measure - Dresses ordered on a made to measure basis have the fine tuning adjustments included in the price (available with Sassi Holford and Suzanne Neville only). The made to measure charge for all British designers is £500 (or £550 should you have had a toile) in addition to the RRP of the gown but this covers all in house alterations (please see T&C for details). We charge a flat fee of £30 per hour for our fitting service. This includes alterations and adjustments, materials, time, insurance, skill and service.

Any mixed sizing, pattern changes or style changes are chargable in addition to the gown RRP.

You would not be the first to query why further charges are made for subsequent alterations, however more than likely, a wedding dress ordered as a standard size e.g. UK 12 will inevitably need some adjustments. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our brides receive the absolute best fit with the peace of mind that our highly skilled seamstress has tailored your dress to every curve of your body. Greater levels of work maybe needed depending on the complexity of the dress, ones figure and any amendments to the standard design. We view this service as a related but separate product and charged accordingly.

Following on from your first fitting, we will book you back in for a second fit where everything that had been pinned to fit from your first fitting would have been completed. The dress then should be ready to go although occassionally, a few tricker bits can take a touch longer

Final Fitting/ Collection: Typically you will only have to have 2 fittings for your dress but if there were any finally tweaks at your second fitting you may be asked to come in one last time to pop your dress on and to just check over everything before you collect.

We will then store your gown, press her and your veil (if you have one) all ready for collection. We are happy to store until you are ready to take away for your wedding day.